Kiss Challenge 2019

“The kiss is the language of souls”


At Pan Di Bacco we celebrate love and the best way to do it is through true love kiss. It is for this reason that we created the #kisschallenge contest 2019.

Show us in an original and creative photograph a kiss to that being you love so much; It can be family, friend, partner or pet.

What I have to do to participate? It’s very simple:

  • Like our Fan Page.
  • Fill in the fields with the information requested below.
  • Send your photo of the most creative and original kiss.
  • The reception of photos will be until February 9th at 12:00 p.m. (noon).
  • The publication of the photos and the voting process will begin from February 2th to February 13th at 12:00 p.m.

The 2 pictures with the most likes will win a gift certificate for 2,500 pesos.

The winners will be notified in a publication in our Fan Page (PDB CSL and PDB MKDO), on February 13th after half a day, as well as by private message.

Last day for photo reception: February 09th at 12:00 pm (half day)
Last contest day: February 13th at 12:00 pm. (noon)
Make winner known: February 13th after 1:00 pm.

Terms and Conditions:

  • One photo will be accepted per participant.
  • The photo is free as long as it represents love in a kiss (couple, friend, pet, family).
  • The dinner is for two people valid in Pan di Bacco Merkado or Pan di Bacco San Lucas with a value of $ 2,500 pesos, valid throughout 2019.
  • It is not collectable with other promotions.
  • It is not exchangeable for cash or transferable.

Are you ready? Then .. let’s kiss!

Join us

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